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  • This hanger is our very own design, we have literally done everything to include all the things that are often missing from the usual hangers on the market today.


    This hanger weighs only 95 grams on its own and 255 grams with a 2-layer kydex sheath and is strong when the two things are strung together.


    The hanger is long so you don't need a block on the inside. If you have thin thighs, the block can of course be mounted without taking the whole thing apart. It can be adjusted 30 degrees forwards and backwards as needed.


    Everything on the hanger can be adjusted with a Phillips screwdriver while mounted on the belt.


    The hanger comes with 3 distance blocks with a 0 degrees, -2 degrees and -5 degrees which are illustrated with orange blocks in the pictures. This is something we often hear complaints about on the shooting range. Some want it tight, others want it slightly out. We have solved that here.


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